Remove “Private” and “Protected” from WordPress titles

Here’s some code I’ve dug up for removing the words “Private” and “Protected” from WordPress titles. These words are automatically prepended to the titles on private and password-protected posts and pages.
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Using TimThumb with WordPress Post Thumbnails

The WordPress post thumbnails functionality has become a basic necessity of theme coding, but it does have its limitations. Mainly you are stuck with the image sizes you specify in the Settings – Media tab. You can also specify your own image sizes, but clients undoubtedly want to change their image sizes over time or within one website over and over and over and over…. So it makes sense to make use of the dynamic image resizing script TimThumb. I use the following technique to grab the designated featured image post thumbnail from a post and then automatically resize it upon display. Works perfectly!
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Some recent business changes

It’s been over a year since I last posted. In this year we’ve welcomed a lot of new clients, and some clients have moved on for one reason or another. We’ve been keeping very busy though, to the point that we are looking into ways to manage our workload better.

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WordPress “Delete Post Link”

I recently had a client ask for a delete post link, like the WordPress edit post link template tag, for the user to delete posts when browsing the front-end of the site. He also wanted a pop-up confirmation box to appear before deleting the post. I saw variations on this function in several places, but never exactly what he asked for. Read the rest of this entry »

WordPress Tip: Echo the current page number

I’ve recently been working on a site with loads of data that all needed to be linked together by archive page number. So, for example, if you are browsing page 4 of “Category A” posts, you need to easily access links to page 4 of “Category B” posts. Read the rest of this entry »

New work, plus thoughts on WordPress themes

Since WordPress has been the bulk of our work lately, the three newest additions to our portfolio are WordPress. All three were built on existing themes, which gave me even more of a solid opinion about which themes I enjoy working with, and which are less enjoyable. Read the rest of this entry »

Creative Symbiosis: Designer and Coder Cooperate

We’ve had a couple of clients lately who have brought their own designs to us, in need of coding and installing with a content management system (namely WordPress).  While we do create designs for some clients, our specialty is really coding and custom programming. So when we find a talented designer, it works out well to cooperate and let each of us concentrate on our specialties. Read the rest of this entry »

Firebug: Firefox add-on for debugging CSS

firebugBack in the good old days of coding websites, a lot was done by trial and error. You would assign styles to objects on your web page and hope everything would come together as you envisioned. Without fail, styling issues would arise, and as the website grew larger it was a headache to figure out what style was affecting what HTML object. Read the rest of this entry »